Butternut squash & goat’s cheese Orzotto

Orzotto is an Italian dish similar to risotto but made with pearl barley instead of rice. The name is a combo of the word orzo (the Italian word for ‘barley’) and risotto.
Orzotti are a speciality of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region of north-eastern Italy.
Barley is high in fibre which helps to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It’s an ancient grain rich in minerals such as selenium (which is important for a healthy thyroid) and phosphorous (for healthy bones and teeth).
Butternut squash is a great source of vitamin A, which is essential for good organ function and eye health. It is also full of vitamin C(for strengthening our immune system) and B5, necessary for making blood cells and converting food in energy.
Goats cheese is more nutritious than cows cheese. It’s a fab source of protein and healthy fats, which improve the metabolism of iron and other important nutrients. It is also a great source of calcium(good for building strong and healthy bones) and provides probiotics that enhance immunity and help reduce allergies and inflammatory reactions.

Pearl barley (G), butternut squash, goat’s cheese (D), goat’s butter (D), sage, garlic, onion,
carrot, celery (C), Panko breadcrumbs (G), olive oil.
G = Contains cereals containing gluten
D = Contains Dairy (Milk)
C = Contains Celery”

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