02 - 29 Feb 24


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For the love of cinema

From absurd, experimental worlds to ones filled with adventure and fantasy, this series of drawings captures those moments when each of these movies or TV series left a lasting impression on me. I love cinema and always choose a place with some unique atmosphere to watch movies. I also love watching films online and often compare the choice I have to make between watching something at home or on the cinema screen as the choice between buying a music album in digital format or on vinyl.

Whether the drawings depict actual scenes from the movies or ones that are products of my imagination, a strong desire to capture something from the unique energy of these films has led me to these illustrations.

I have used a different type of paper for each drawing in terms of weight, colour, and texture. This had something to do with the overall aesthetic of each film and how this registered on me. There are very rough, heavily textured papers as well as others with subtle patterns on them. I am fascinated by the way a scene comes alive from the surface it is drawn on and hope that this too will influence the way these drawings are received.

For this series, I have used a combination of black and sepia ink, pigments, pencil, charcoal, and some black acrylic paint. The frames are made using old  film negatives which I ‘developed’ using abrasive materials.

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