Retail guru, Sara Gatoff, who was guest speaker our October 2021 N2United meeting shares her top tips for selling.

  • Retail is about selling – it is the business of selling goods directly to consumers -if you are more concerned about the look of your store/ website/ catalogue and the people or products in it rather than selling anything – then you are not in the retail business, you are a museum or a tribute exhibition.
  • Selling and especially cold calling are both very hard and can be demoralising.
  • Take some of the heat away from pitching by using the Buying Triangle diagram below and structure your pitch in the first three sections;- Who are you? What do you do? Why are you sitting here today? Remember after that to quickly get onto what you can do for that particular buyer or customer. Think about timing yourself. These first 3 sections should last less than 90 seconds.
  • Remember that you do need a USP- which can be:-
  • Your services and products, are they special and unique –are they your biggest selling feature? What makes you stand out from your competition? This may persuade a customer or Buyer to buy from you rather than someone else.
  • Remember that showing a customer or Buyer “3 suitcases”, i.e. everything you have ever made or sold in your whole life is rarely going to engage them. Try instead to pick a couple of things they may be interested in and know why you have chosen them.
  • Be honest with yourself if you want to run a business or if it is a hobby.
  • If you do not really want to sell any of yours designs that’s fine too.
  • Be honest with yourself about the hours / days you can work around family commitments and be honest about the skills base you have and have not got!

A few other things to think about….
I have often tried with clients to boost their confidence in pitching by telling them that it’s not all about the words…..this USA professor sums it up for me. I truly believe this.

Communication Guidelines:
55% is body language
7-10% is actual words
35-38% delivery, accent, tone of voice.
~ Prof. A Mehrabian 1970

Desperate to sell?
As soon as you appear desperate to sell anything; you’ve lost.

And finally……………how hard can selling really be – just watch this Dragons Den clip……it’s really childsplay.

You can contact Sara via N2United by emailing

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