‘This is a Viola’s Food – Healthy Homemade Food Catering in North London signature dish. It is a healthy, rich and luscious chicken soup ideal to fight the cold and flu season. Based on research done by Dr. Stephen Rennard, MD, a researcher at the University of Nebraska Medical Centre, chicken soup acts as an anti-inflammatory agent for your nasal cells, giving your nose the relief it needs. Particularly, the onions in the soup contain protein, calcium, and especially sulphur, which decreases swelling and aids in reducing nasal congestion. Another significant ingredient in chicken soup is carrots. Carrots enable our bodies to produce vitamin A, which strengthens our white blood cells and in turn allows us to better fight off infection. We add also celeriac which is a nutritional powerhouse, full of fibre and vitamin B6, C and K, it is a great source of antioxidants. Our recipes packed of chicken meat, adding a good source of protein intake and Polish style ‘filini’ noodles that contribute to guarantee the necessary intake of carbohydrate and fuel for our body.


Wheat flour (G), chicken halal, garlic, onion, olive oil, black pepper, Kosher salt, parsnip,carrots, beef stock halal,

celery (C), Celeriac (C), Lovage, parsley, bay leaves.


G = Contains cereals containing gluten

C = Contains celery

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