East Finchley Community Trust

East Finchley Community Trust is a charity set up for the benefit of the public in East Finchley and its surrounding areas, by the means of:

  • The protection or conservation of the environment
  • The provision of recreational facilities for the public or those who have need of such facilities
  • The maintenance, improvement, or provision of public amenities
  • The advancement of education and training
  • The relief of financial hardship

In addition to their fundraising work, the Trust ran East Finchley Festival for many years, until handing over to East Finchley Festival CIC in 2019.
The Trust hosts a number of community organisations, listed below. In addition they run many community events, from plant and seed swaps to the meetings on environmental issues in the local area.
The Trust is also a founder member of East Finchley Town Team.

Projects hosted by East Finchley Community Trust:

Contact details:
East Finchley Community Trust
50 Summerlee Avenue
East Finchley
London N2 9QP

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