East Finchley Town Team

East Finchley Town Team logo designed by Hughes Design, East Finchley N2

East Finchley Town Team is a collective comprising representatives from East Finchley Community Trust, East Finchley Open Artists and N2 Food Project, supported by East Finchley’s local councillors. In 2022 the Town Team secured a grant of £10,000 from a Barnet Council fund to support the borough’s town centres.


Between September 2022 and March 2023 they staged four events to boost footfall to the High Road:

  • East Finchley Happening
    Join the East Finchley Town Team and MillsPower Architecture transforming the heart of East Finchley. Tell us what you would change
  • Eat Finchley
    17 -19 March 2023 | Town Team | East Finchley Town Team will hold a Food fair on Saturday 18 March
  • High Road Live
    28-29 January 2023 | Town Team | East Finchley Town Team’s arts and music event aims to bring people of all
  • Sustainable High Road
    Saturday 17 September: Sustainable High Road will look at greening ideas and ways to improve sustainability in East Finchley. A mixture of stalls


The next formal meeting of East Finchley Town Team will take place on the secon Thursday of the month at 7pm at East Finchley Constitutional Club.

Have your say

The Town Team would love to hear your ideas and suggestions on how the High Road can be improved and ideas for what they should do next. You can contact us at eftownteam@gmail.com

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